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“It was so exciting to open so many beautiful gifts from your shop. Thank you for inviting us to register with you. We are proud to display our Pudgy Pumpkin treasures in our home!”

Jen & Travis


“Thank you for allowing us to register at the Pudgy Pumpkin, we loved everything we received.”

Monica & Bryant 


“Thank you so much for your help with our wedding registry. We got so many amazing gifts from The Pudgy Pumpkin! It was absolutely great.”

Beau & Paige


“I really want to convey what a fabulous job you did with everything in regards to our registry. I am SO glad you called to invite me in to the store! It would have been plain silly of me to not register with you.”

Kelly & Josh


Elaine, you and your staff were remarkable in providing assistance with my bridal registry. You made it a very stress free experience for me which as a bride is speaks volumes! I highly recommend anyone from the area to check out the store! It has a great selection of gifts ranging from kitchen gadgets to outdoor decor. If you love craft shows or shops that resemble such this is the place for you! Thanks again for everything! I truly have enjoyed working with all of you and look forward to coming in again soon! 🙂
Thanks a bunch,

Katie Confer 🙂

“Thanks for all your help with the registry. We love all of our gifts from Pudgy!”

Sara & Jason 


“Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance with the wedding registry! You are all very pleasant to work with and you truly were a part of making our big day special!”

David & Kassie


“Thank you for all your help with the registry!”

Daniel & Jackie


“We wanted to say thank you for letting us register at your store. We adore all of our gifts and are so impressed with how wonderful the staff has been. You made our wedding and shower gifts so personal by even using our wedding colors every time – such a darling touch. Thank you and may God Bless you all!”

Beth & Jared


“Thank you so much for all of your help! We love all of our gifts from the Pudgy Pumpkin Patch. We couldn’t have picked a better place to register!”

Justin and Kourtney