Andrea VanScoy & Nathan Stork

Andrea VanScoy and Nathan Stork      
Wooden Sign - When you have more than you need1115
Windmill Clock179.95SOLD
Galvanized tub with pulley179.95
Sunflower valances (on order)3
Galvanized trough139.95
Galvanized medium shelf145.95
Galvanized wine rack142.99
Milkhouse candle - Barndance119.95
Milkhouse candle - Oatmeal, Milk & Honey113.95
Milkhouse candle - Lilac & Wildflowers113.95
Sunflower Silicone lid114.95SOLD
Large wire jar112.95SOLD
Wide Mouth Wire Jar17.95SOLD
Wire Jar with handle112.95SOLD
Square tray with 2 attached glass jars wall hanging124.95SOLD
Galvanized rectangle tray112.95
Zac mixing bowl with lid115.95SOLD
Gallllvanized candle holder for 6 candles124.95
Chop to Pot Cutting Board110.95
Mixture candle - white freesia & pear17.95
Galvanized flower candle holder13.95SOLD
Pig scrubsy15.95SOLD
Rise & Shine dish towel17.95SOLD
I like big bundts dish towel17.95SOLD
Barbed Wire Flower129.99SOLD
Silo Canister Set (on order)164.95/set
Glass Jar with Holder112.95SOLD
Dish Towel - My heart says chocolate . . .18.95SOLD