Bailey Stanley & Andy Vial

Bailey Stanley and Andy Vial     
Glasses68.95 eaSOLD
Cotton Ball Wreath112.95
Potted Plant114.95
Two Tiered Black Metal Basket135.95SOLD
Flexible Turner110.95
Solid Spoon110.95
Loaf Pan Set115.95SOLD
Pot Holder17.95SOLD
Paring Knives (red)29.99.ea.
Pakka spoon (small)15.99
Pakka spoon (large)110.99
Pakka spoon (slotted)110.99
Pakka spatula110.99
Glass & Wire Jar112.95SOLD
Cutting Board - marble color120.95SOLD
Cutting Board - brown color120.95
Nest Storage Set containers128.95SOLD
Casserole Carrier123.95SOLD
Chop to Pot Mini cutting board110.95
Chop to pot original cutting board116.95
Fluted Cake Pan117.99
Spring Form pan116.99
Brownie Pan112.95
Cake Pan112.95
Jelly Roll Pan114.95
Loaf Pan116.99
Rectangular cake pan133.99
Lasagna Pan124.95SOLD
Cookie Sheet118.99
Snap & Lock - 4 cup16.95
Snap & Lock - 12 cup19.95
Measuring Cup Set114.95
Mini Turner19.95
Eco Smart Poluy-glass bowls214.95 ea.
Beer Bread - Italian Herb19.95
Beer Cake - Lemon19.95
Mini List Pad13.95
Pot Holder - striped17.95SOLD
Kitchen towel17.95SOLD
Dish Cloth15.95SOLD
Flour Sack Towels110.95SOLD
Windmill Towel18.95SOLD
Pig Towel17.95SOLD
Milk House Candle - Brown Butter Pumpkin119.95
Milk House Candle - Sweet Tobaco Leaves119.95
Milk House Candles - Barn Dance213.95 ea.
"V" magnet13.95
"ISU" magnet115.95
Royal Baking Powder picture119.95
Salt Picture119.95
Round galvanized shelf145.95
Silo Canister Set of three1 set69.95SOLD
Windmill Clock179.95SOLD
Small Flag Pole18.95
Collegiate garden flag114.95