Chloe Smith & B.J. Yates

Chloe Smith and B.J. Yates Bridal Registry
Willow Tree - Holy Family (on order)160SOLD
Willow Tree - Shelter for Holy Family (on order)141.5SOLD
Willow Tree - Sheltering Animals160SOLD
Yard Expression Welcome Sign118.95
Yard Expression Sign Holder120.95
Lilac Screen Picture134.95SOLD
Eucalyptus Lavender Milkhouse Candle123.95SOLD
Saltwater Mist Milkhouse Candle123.95
Brumate Hopsulator Slim - Rainbow124.99SOLD
Brumate Hopsulator Trio - Camo129.99
Spiral Candles319.95 ea.
Seasonings28.95 ea.SOLD
Silicone Bottle Brush15.95SOLD
Wind Chime19.95SOLD
Iowa Towel113.95SOLD
Honeycomb Towels27.95 ea.SOLD
Blue Flower Swedish Dish Cloth15.95SOLD
Corn Swedish Dish Cloth15.95SOLD
Crochet Trivet/potholders28.95 ea.SOLD
Mr. & Mrs. Frame122.95SOLD
Small Candle Pillar Stand138.95
Medium Candle Pillar Stand144.95
Large Candle Pillar Stand150.95
Inis Diffuser Set2351-SOLD
Salt Lamp179.95SOLD
Holiday Angel framed print139.95SOLD
Crème Brulee Cheeseball Mix16.95SOLD
Wind and Willow Dip Mixes24.95 ea.SOLD
WOW Bacon Cooker129.95
Salt & Pepper Shakers123.95SOLD
Summer Storm Milkhouse Candle116.95
Dancing in the Rain Milkhouse Candle116.95
NE Swedish Dish Cloth17.95
Fancy Panz - Aqua124.95SOLD
Wine Barrel Creation Candle Holder139SOLD
Nebraska set of 4 magnets17.95
Iowa Hawkeye set of 4 magnets17.95
Apple Slicer110.95SOLD
Ceral Prokeeper218.95 ea.
Chic Wrap118.95
Mu Kitchen Pot Holders28.95 ea,
Mu Kitchen Mitts210.95 ea.
Mu Kitchen set of 2 - towels212.95 ea.
Tovolo Mixing Spoon113.95
Inis Home & Linen Mist125
Overboil Ring118.95
Pickle Fork15.95
Milkhouse Melts38.95 ea.
Pan Scrapper12.95