Krista Frazee & Ben Huntsman

Krista Frazee and Ben Huntsman Bridal Registry      
WCA Wild Plum Jelly13.95
WCA Rhubarb Jelly13.95
WCA Apple Butter Jelly13.95
Apple Wine112.65
Mini Loaf Pan128.95SOLD
Clips/Magnets41.99 ea.
Chef Marla's Seasoning17.95
Rare Essence Tummy Rescue112.95
Rare Essence Stress Relief112.95
Rare Essencse Muscle Sooth112.95
3-in-1 Spiralizer115.95SOLD
24 cup Mini Muffin Pan119.99SOLD
Brownlow Recipe Binder122.95SOLD
Wind and Willow Chocolate Chip15.95
Beer Bread19.95
2-in-1 silicone whisk110.95
NFL KC Chiefs large flag129.95SOLD
ISU Large Flag129.95SOLD
"Ringmaster" kitchen towel112.95
Corkcicle canteen139.95
Barn Dance wax melt15.95
Dancing in the rain candle119.95
Shower Burst - headache24.95 ea.
Shower Burst - cold and flu24.95 ea.
Wind and Willow Bruschetta15.95
Shower Burst - Stress Buster24.95 ea.
"I like big butts" kitchen towel112.95