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I needed to purchase a bridal shower gift from registry. Made a call and Elaine (shop owner) could not have been more gracious and helpful. Told her I was trying to decide from two items and she offered to email me photos to help my decision making. Additionally, she will add card, gift wrap and deliver to the Bride’s parents home in Red Oak. I hope to someday get to visit the store in person. For now though will settle for just being able to say this experience was extraordinary in service and courtesy. Small town Iowa again rocks it – Iowa nice is a real thing.

-Nancy Neal Halvorson

“I love the uniqueness at the Pudgy Pumpkin.”
Renee Weston Hammons

“Every time I go there I find something “Perfect”.
Judy Casey

“Awesome store!!  I love the variety of gifts and the great prices!! Nice to have a store like this in our area!!”
Connie Wagaman French

“Every time I visit my sister, I have to visit and help make the Pudgy Pumpkin Patch pudgier and my wallet less.”  Kathryn Carroll

“Love this place!!” – Jen Shipley

“I love this store.   It’s so nice to be able to pick up a wedding or shower gift locally!  Thank you Elaine!”
Bulinda Milgrove Coates

“Love your shop!  I shop there for all my gifts!”
Linda Olsen

“Pudgy Pumpkin Patch Gift Shop is the best gift shop in Southwest Iowa!” Kim Ellis

“I love this store!  I visit it often when back in Red Oak.  Bought gifts for my staff last year at Christmas.”
Deb Anderson

“A wonderful place to shop for gifts of all kinds, and a little something special for you, too.”  J. Jill O’Neill

“One of my first places to shop for a special gift, very thankful for such a great local shop.” –
Helen Ann – Creston

“What a difference the Pudgy Pumpkin Patch has made in downtown Red Oak.  I can spend hours “just looking”, and my two ten year old granddaughters don’t think a trip to Red Oak is complete without a stop at the Pudgy Pumpkin”. Sharon Parish Baldwin

“Pudgy Pumpkin is a true treasure and southwest Iowa is lucky to have Elaine and her staff”.  Jan Castle Renander

“You can bet if the shop doesn’t have something you want, Elaine will find it for you.  They have the neatest things in SW Iowa”,Kathi Weilenman Archer

“I love your store and am thankful that we have it in our small town”. Jenny Bisbee

“Nice to have such a quaint store to shop in Red Oak.  Always have great gifts that you usually have to travel to bigger town to find.  Keep up the good work!”
Marcia Wagaman

“I love shopping at the gift shop everytime I visit my family. Two hours away but still have to shop at Pudgy.”
Kay Ross 

“When I lived in Red Oak I loved shopping there.  The store had such great items making it difficult to choose.  I looked forward to Saturdays and spending time there.  What a great asset to the town”.  Nikki Moss True

“Love this shop – great items, great owner.”
Judy Poppell

“I love shopping at the Pudgy Pumpkin when I travel to Red Oak from KY.  Great gifts!” Mary Elinor Kuhn

“I really enjoy shopping here whenever I’m in town.  Really a neat store!!” Judy G.

“Love shopping there!!!! Always look forward to buying gifts from you.”  Myra Damewood

“The Pudgy Pumpkin Patch is the neatest shop in Red Oak.  Your staff are wonderful, style is unique, personalized, and it’s always fun to come in!!  Red Oak is lucky to have you!”

“I love your store.” Nancy Lykke – Omaha

“I live in CA.  I adore these kind of shops and I fully support them.  Thank You for keeping small town Iowa business thriving!!”  Linda Rohlfs

“This is such a neat store!  I can find gifts and like to take my time to look around.”  Kathleen Kelley

“I love this place I feel like I have won the lottery when I’m done!!!! They make you feel so special and they care!!! That’s what it takes Elaine – great job ladies!!!!
Kathleen Roberts

“Awesome little surprise back in my hometown, try to stop whenever I’m back in town and never leave without a great gift for myself or someone special.”  Vicki Volquardsen

“Red Oak is so fortunate to have this wonderful shop!”  Kathi Most

“We love the Pudgy Pumpkin Patch Gift Shop.  Keep doing great and beautiful things for our community!”
Joni Ernst

“Best gifts, huge variety”!  Jo Josephson

“Love to shop in this store!  Always find the perfect gift and more!! Elaine and her staff are so helpful and friendly! “ Jackie Thatcher

“Love Pudgy Pumpkin for unique gifts anytime of the year!  Jan Burnison

“Greatest gift shop ever with the most friendly caring, fabulous ladies greeting you every time you walk in the door!  I live in Omaha and haven’t found a place like it. “  Kristi Kelly – Omaha

“I love the Pudgy Pumpkin Patch!  Everyone is so nice and helpful, and they always have neat new items to choose from.  It is also an awesome place to have a wedding registry, as I can speak from experience!  Thanks Elaine for making Red Oak a shade better!  You do a great job!  Jessica Palmquist

“We are so lucky to have this caliber of a store in Red Oak, Iowa.  It makes shopping so much fun and easy!”  Peggy Tye

“Always a “must stop” when we are back visiting our hometown!   Love The Pudgy Pumpkin Patch!”
Allison Bradley – Scottsdale, Arizona

“Great store!  Friendly staff.  Always eager to help!”
Rick Taylor

“Love the Pudgy Pumpkin!  Elaine and staff to out of their way to help you find what you’re looking for, and do it joyously.  Not to mention they have the COOLEST things!!  I can’t walk out of there without buying something a gift for someone, and one for myself, too”  Kelly Osheim

“What a wonderful store here in downtown Red Oak!!!  They have a little bit of everything for home decorations & a good selection of foods & tailgating items.  Love this place & its staff”.  Anthony Gurney

“Pudgy Pumpkin is the BEST gift shop in SW Iowa!!  Elaine has a knack for picking great merchandise that is unusual and appealing! “ Pat Dunbar

“Love the unique products and friendly staff, simply the best around!”  Sherri Porter Vrabel 

“Wonderful customer service, amazing inventory”.
Sarah Mabary

“Pudgy Pumpkin always brings a smile to my face.  It’s full of great gifts and things I love to have in my own home.  Elaine fills a great need for our small town and I thank she and her staff for believing in Red Oak.”
Holly Crowell

“Every time I am there I walk out with something for myself or for my home!  Always amazed at how many wedding registries they have!  Elaine and her staff are wonderful people and Elaine has worked so hard to make this shop as great as it is!  A wonderful asset to Red Oak and the surrounding areas!”
Alisa Kroska Clem – West Des Moines, Iowa

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this store!  It’s a place you can find that unique gift for your loved one.  Next to the grocery store, it’s my #1 stop.”  Anna Petty Christensen

“The Pudgy Pumpkin is a place you go to find a unique gift and a gift for someone that has everything.  The staff is superb and I am thankful we have such a sweet spot in SW Iowa!”  Darcy Richards – Emerson, Iowa

“What an asset the Pudgy Pumpkin has been to our small community with friendly sales staff and products you usually only find in the City”  Jana Jelden Sandholm”

“This shop is AWESOME!  Love the merchandise, the lovely sales staff and the beautiful gift wrap.”
Caryn Sparr Pedersen

“You make shopping such a joy!  I walked away with something unique to give to that someone special for whatever occasion it may be.  Thanks for always smiling!”  Katherine Vandrey

“LOVE YOUR SHOP . . . I could shop all day there!!! If you can’t find it there . . . you can’t find it ANYWHERE!!! “
Lori Lathrop

“This store is wonderful and the employees are very helpful.  A visit home isn’t complete until I shop by!”  Lindsay Sickels Taylor – Kansas City

“The Pudgy Pumpkin Patch Gift Shop is more than a gift shop, the shop possesses the characteristics of what a good small town business should be. Always looking for the best to please the customers, and willing to partner with other local businesses to promote Red Oak and surrounding areas. I’m proud of her what she has done with the shop. Looking forward to what she has up her sleeve for the future.” Kelsey Hollen